Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Sweet Swap part 2

A few weeks ago Chocolate Johnny entered the sweet swap. So you ask what is this sweet swap.....
The Sweet Swap is an online event for Australian food & lifestyle bloggers which results in packages of sweets arriving on your doorstep and a few friendships formed. Each blogger is matched with three other bloggers and will mail off parcels of homemade lollies to their matches. In return three parcels of lollies arrive on your doorstep. Post about the experience and receive sweet inspiration from your fellow bloggers.
I make, see, taste, dream chocolate and confectionery everyday. Perfection Chocolates is my family business since 1939. I'm the third generation....

So I was really excited to enter and receive my gifts. I went to the post office and there they were.

My first parcel was from Shez Black Gold yum Shez I must say those black gold bars were great. I shared one and kept the rest. The chilli kick was just right.

My second parcel was from Sara Belly Rumbles Nut Bark. I opened this beautiful red box and there it was. Yes I know I make chocolates but this was so nice to get some chocolate from someone else. Sara it was the right portion on chocolate to nuts. The staff and I really enjoyed eating your nut bark.

My third parcel was from Deepa One Small Pot. I loved the box it came in, so colourful and bright. As soon as I opened the box the lovely smell of chocolate and coconut hit me. Your bonbons melted in my mouth yummmmm....
Just want to thank you for all your great chocolates and sweets.

I sent three parcels of our Mellow Rough.

We have been making this for about 45 years. We still make it be hand. Well with the help or a big Hobart mixer.

Our cocoa beans are grown from a few different plantations around the world. We are currently using Venezuelan cocoa beans.

They are sent to Europe were it is processed and then shipped to Australia to our factory were we put the finishing touches.

We slowly roast the coconut so it has a nice golden colour. Now for the marshmallow.
We boil sugar, water, glucose to the right temperature about 117c We then pour into our large mixer. We add gelatine that has already been softened with water. Turn on mixer to turbo speed and wait for the mixture to rise. We then pour the fluffy marshmallow onto our large table. It drys for about 3 hours.
The marshmallow is cut into rectangular logs. We mix the milk chocolate and the coconut together. It looks like mud, but a yummy version. Once they are combined, we hand roll the marshmallow in the chocolate coconut mix.


  1. ive seen these popping up here and there and they look absolutely divine, i bet your swappers were VERY happy :)

  2. Coconut rough was one of my favourite treats growing up. You mellow rough took my right back to the days of nostalgia. I was rather upset that my partner made me share it with him.